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Apple Company introducing Dual SIM feature in iPhone


Nowadays Dual SIM feature has included in every smartphone except Apple product, which is iPhone does not have this feature. But some proposals are reviled that Dual SIM feature may also include in Apple iPhone according to the patent suggestions. This proposal majorly came across from china and US patent suggestions.

According to the report, Apple Company has submitted the application for the proposal of dual SIM slot feature in March of this year in china and that was published in September of this year. The functionality of this dual SIM feature in iPhone would be allowed to insert two SIMs and use two numbers at a time on the same iPhone, which was mentioned in LinkedIn social media by Principal Architect for cellular software at Apple Li Su.

In last week US Apple Company has approved the dual SIM option in iPhone, considering this feature proposal submitted by patents in the US, which is noted in the report. The main benefits of this option make insert dual SIMs and use other wireless services for business and personal usage.

Present there is no clarity about apple will introduce the dual SIM option iPhone in the future. According to the report Apple company want to introduce dual SIM feature in iPhone, where the more demand of this featured area including India, China and some other areas based on usage.

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