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Apple Watch users: Get ready for ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge

Apple Watch users: Get ready for ‘Ring in the New Year’ challenge

Looking for a good new year resolution you can break? Well, if you do plan to keep on track, then Apple might have something for you. Cupertino will notify every Apple Watch user around the globe to be more active and try to close all three Activity rings each day for a full week. This activity will run in the four weeks of January and achievers will be awarded a special badge and stickers as well as the ability to share the achievements socially.

On December 28, Apple Watch users across the world will receive a notification through the Activity app about the “Ring in the New Year” challenge. This will happen once 10 minutes after they put their watch on from 12:01 am local time on 12/28.

Apple Watch users will also be able to see the unearned achievement in the Activity app on iPhone. When the user selects the Achievement tab in the iPhone Activity app, they will see an unearned Achievement for the Ring in the New Year Challenge.

When the user taps the unearned Achievement for the Challenge, he/she receives a description on how to earn the special Achievement. The user can use the built-in iOS share sheet to deliver via Messages, Mail, Twitter, etc and share their intention to achieve. When the user earns the achievement, a notification will pop up on the Apple Watch. On tap, users will get a description on how they earned the special achievement.

On the Messages app on the iPhone, they will see new stickers under activity which can then be shared with the rest of the world.

Source: indianexpress.com

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