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Diesel engine four stroke cycle operation description

  • Description about operation of Diesel four stroke cycle engine in diagram and important points in simple way.
  • Only Air enter in to the engine cylinder inlet valve
  • Fuel injector is used to inject the fuel in to the engine cylinder in proper proportion
  • In this cycle operation is completed by four strokes as described bellow


Suction Stroke

  • In this stroke piston move from T.D.C to B.D.C
  • Atmospheric air enter through inlet valve in to the engine cylinder
  • During this stoke exhaust valve is closed and inlet valve is opened
  • This operation is represented by the line (E-A) in p-v diagram

Compression stroke

  • In this stroke piston move form bottom dead centre (B.D.C) to top dead centre (T.D.C)
  • This operation represented by the line (A-B) in p-v diagram
  • In this operation air is compressed and pressure is increased nearly 35 bar and temperature nearly 600 degrees centigrade
  • In this stroke inlet and exhaust valves are closed

Expansion stroke

  • When the piston reach at T.D.C fuel injector inject the proper quantity of fuel into compressed hot air in the engine cylinder
  • Fuel injector inject the fuel in small particles then fuel start burns at constant pressure as shown in the p-v diagram represented by a line (B-C)
  • Fuel injection is stop at the point of C
  • Fuel supply stop the end of the compression stock and burning of the fuel is starts before completion of the compression stroke
  • When fuel particles start burning then hot gases expands and piston moves from T.D.C to B.D.C
  • Therefor working stoke is done and expansion is represented by the line (C-D) In the p-v diagram

Exhaust stroke

  • This is last stroke of this cycle, gases produced in the expansion stroke are send out to the atmosphere in the exhaust stroke
  • The piston moves from B.D.C to T.D.C and gases remove from the engine cylinder to out through exhaust valve
  • This operation indicated by the line (A-E)


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