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Explosion effect found in Samsung Note 7


Samsung company has recently announced that one of the product smartphone Galaxy Note 7 is going to stop producing and notifying the owners of Galaxy Note 7 to refuse the product in US market due to this product explosion or grasping fire.

According to this announcement and complaints about Samsung Note 7 earlier of this year in the US 93% of this product had been returned to the company or to the vendors where they grab this product.

Still, any users of this product are present, they need to stop using and charging of this phone for safety reasons. If any explosion or grasping fire of this product then users can replace this phone or refund the money according to Samsung company statement.

 In the statement Samsung company said that due this effect, a new software update will be released starting on Dec 19, this software will prevent Galaxy Note 7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices

In the US this product is banned from using in airplanes and in several positions for safety reason. Samsung Company announced to cooperate with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and in partnership with carriers and retailers

Samsung Company offering that Galaxy Note 7 users can replace this product with another Samsung smartphone or refund the money, where they purchased their phone or to the company.

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