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Nissan self-driving cars are testing in Japan


Nissan Motor co plant in japan is examining the Nissan self-driving cars for drag the vehicles on a trailer to the landing stage for loading on transport ships.

This examining of the Nissan self-driving cars will helps to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency

Yoshimura Haruhiko executive hopes to use the technology in the automaker’s Oppama plant by 2019, and the overseas plants in the future.

During a demonstration Monday in a leaf car with no one, scooted along the road stopped properly to a trailer pulling other vehicles with three leafs on it, and in a parking lot after disparities increased.In this test one of a vehicle is not work properly to move in demo

Kazuhiro Doi, a Nissan vice president, recognized such problems showed a challenge unique to the technology.

“If there are drivers, they can take action,” he said. “Mechanical operations are all there is in a driverless car.”

According to Nissan, five more driverless vehicles required in oppama plant, self-driving cars will drive themselves into the ship for this technology

Legally self-driving cars can use in Nissan’s plant only not in public road in japan, automakers are working for such a technology that can able to use self-driving car also come on the public road

In commercial products available in Japan, the vehicles, with some variation of autonomous driving, can stop on their own before a crash or stay inside the lane on their own for highway driving, although all must have drivers.

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