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Top 100 Robot Trends in 2016


Whether it is for the purpose of making a task more simple to complete or to provide a function that was previously nonexistent, the top 2016 robot trends have seen a variety of different innovations. Some of the more prominent themes in this trend include home automation systems and home robot assistants.

The ‘Bearbot’ was designed by Vivien Muller and comes in an endearing design that acts as the home’s hub. The tiny robot was made to look like a bear in both shape and color, as well as in the facial expressions it uses throughout the day on its screen. The robot is able to control various aspects of the home – including laptops, lights, TVs, shutters, music, and the thermostat. Homeowners can communicate actions to the bear using a simple sign language.

This year has also seen the rise of robots that help in the home with various tasks that include scheduling and playing with children. One of the more interesting examples to arise from this trend is the concept proposed by Elon Musk – the idea for a domesticated robot. This proposal would offer live-in robots that are able to complete an array of home chores, many of which include cleaning. The proposal comes in response to the many responsibilities that consumers now have, both at work and in the home.

Source: trendhunter.com

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