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Volvo introducing Volvo XC60 model for test


Volvo Company would like introducing the new model Volvo XC60 Car, which has tested in Sweden. The main elements in the test were about cold and weather test. This model XC60 seems to like XC90, which was already launched in India before of this year. Upcoming XC60 has so many advanced features; it may ride on the street road in coming to New Year.

The attractive feature included in this Volvo XC60, those are a new attraction of headlamp, this headlamp contains Thor’s Hammer LED DRLs and attached with the new design grill, which is look like recently launched models S90 and XC90 SUV cars.

Coming to the specifications of this Volvo XC60 model have 2-liter engine, which runs on the petrol fuel with 254bhp. It is a plug-in a hybrid variant. The interior design of this model almost seems to be a recent model with additional features. The reaming features of this models did not reveal yet.

When examine the rear design of this model vertical tail lamps give a good and attractable looking phase. Reaming outer look of the Volvo XC60 car similar look when compare to the XC90 model car. When consider space and size of this model are slightly larger than previous models, which can help to bring more languages and feel comfortable with this model.

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